Jessica Jung.
25 years old.
Comic book store owner but
is secretly a vigilante
and crime lord under the name,
The Red Helm,
also leader of the gang,
The Five Star Mob.

All I ever want to do is to
keep you happy.
Because you've already done
so for me.
The Fifth Star.

                      If I told you  w h a t  I was,
                                         Would you turn your back on me?

                      And if I seem DANGEROUS,
                                         Would you be { s c a r e d ? }

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35 years old and yet, she hasn’t aged one bit. Now one of the elite mafia heads who ruled over Seoul and places overseas, Jessica really didn’t need to have her Red Helm persona anymore. As an elite, she really didn’t have to reveal herself except to the other elites because now she had extremely loyal puppets that did everything she said and they have never seen her face. All she needed was a voice distorter and a way to communicate then it was done for her part. It didn’t take much to conceal herself because hell, the other elites were just some older men and women who looked pretty average. But occasionally, she would take things into her own hands if situations go off into extreme measures especially when it came to the Five Stars.

Scars that were less than a year or two old were all over her arms and a distinct scar right under her eye right on her cheekbone. She walked about with them, not really caring. Even when having business meetings with the other elites, she would wear dresses that revealed all of them as it added more intimidation to her being. But even with this, she was still a rather big softy and only her lover and a select few knew that.

"Geeeeeez…." She groaned out as she opened the door to their house, high heels in hand before she ruffled up what was a neat hairdo. The usual bunch greeted her right at the door but she was first pounced by a fully grown White Bengal Tiger and then was piled on by the rest. "Okay, come on you guys. The old people were all grumpy today and just…" She muttered and the animals then slowly cleared themselves. Jessica then got up, proceeded up the stairs while she was undoing her dress and then dropped it the moment she reached their room.

"Huh, your schedules finished before my meeting?" Leaning over to kiss Hyosung on the cheek before she laid down right beside the other. "How was the meeting?" Her eyes watched while Hyosung was playing some sort of game but only for a moment until she spoke up again. "Old bats were on my ass today for no reason but, I can’t really argue with them.." Jessica let out a sigh, her arms wrapping around her lover’s waist.

"But.. How was your day, my wife?"



usually people fight for air time when they’re on a tv show but not jessica jung

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23-24 of Endless Jung Sooyeon

I don’t. I don’t want anybody else to touch you. I’m silly. I get furious if they touch you.
— Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms (via kairzen)


Detective Kim 'The Kid' Taeyeon

                               ”Move aside boys, Kid is investigating this crime scene.”

The other officers pretty much cleared themselves away from her the moment her alias was even said. Adjusting the earpiece to her liking as her thoughts of the details before her flooded in. Every little bit of evidence she finds will be essential to this new case and Taeyeon knew that she was limited with time. But, it was not like anyone would bother her process of data collecting or even could. And with a soft sigh, she glanced at the sight before her. Turning the music loud enough to block out the others working around her as her mind became clouded with possibilities, her body being calmed by the music, calculating eyes that scanned as much of the scene she could take in while pulling on a pair of latex gloves. “Welp, time to get to work.”

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