She looked at the other, staring at her for a moment while she listened. “Yes. I would.” It was said with a straight face because she was being serious. “You can’t go out and do your job on an empty stomach. Why would I let you do that? better yet, why wouldn’t I get you lunch in the first place? Your place of hire doesn’t scare me. I’m a witch. Unless you have some psycho orcs at your agency, I don’t see why I wouldn’t bring you lunch.” And with that ramble Sera saluted her and turned on her heels to go change her clothes. “I made it for you to eat! So eat it all up!” She said it from inside the boat as she opened the door to the bedroom, knocked on the wall to turn the light on. “Ugh,” she made a noise of disappointment as she realized that she actually forgot the vase that she had prepared at her own apartment. But she didn’t let it stop her, not at all. Instead she ended up changing into the promised outfit. She wasn’t exactly in embarrassed to put back on the playboy bunny outfit that she had on earlier that day, she was more embarrassed that she forgot the vase for the flowers.  “Ah!” Sera went to walk out without the gift and stumbling a bit in her heels, she reached over for the small box with the final gift in it. Sera walked to the sink, whispering a small spell, watching as a vase appeared. She filled it with water and carefully placed the flowers into it. “Was it really that good?” Sera made her way up the stairs with the flowers and the box with a smile on, stopping for a moment to squint at the night sky. “Here…” Sera looked back to Jessica and walked over to place the vase on the table with a smile. “So, should I wait for the last gift or…” She paused as she hid the box behind her. “Or should I just get the big surprise over with?”

She wasn’t surprised that the other became serious about the topic of bringing her lunch at work. It wasn’t a bad thing but with only a very few amount of female coworkers, she knew the men in her branch especially wouldn’t help but stare. Jessica almost agreed but her thoughts then changed when she remembered all the men she worked with. “Yes, you are a witch but that doesn’t make a difference. You’re still a girl. So how about no, because the freakin’ pervs I work with will stare at you with their dirty eyes.” She huffed out as she ate the last bit of her food, groaning out from being so full. Lightly patting her belly while trying to sit up straight, she patiently waited for the other to return. Looking over in the direction of the girl, her gaze was then focused on her as she was in the playboy bunny outfit. Jessica opened her mouth to speak but only stared for a moment, slightly bites down on her lip. “Well, damn…” She muttered softly, nodding slowly to the other question before she answered. “Mhm, it was good and so is the view now.” Some of her words were said without thinking but she didn’t act embarrassed at all for saying things like that to her. But after a good moment, Jessica tilted her head to the side while in thought. “Well….. Unless you have anything else to show or give me, then you should do it now. If not, then you should give me my last present.”

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Her left arm rested oddly in the it’s sling as she grit her teeth. “It’s just a fucking sprain, Jessica. SUCK IT THE HELL UP.” She growled to herself while staring at the wall in front of her. Then, she pulled off the sling before reaching down and pushed off with her feet in to a handstand. But due to her arm still being weak, she started to wobble and hid that she was in any pain.

"Steady yourself, Jung." She muttered while trying to make her body as straight as she could, but then her sprained arm gave out which made her yell out in pain. Thankfully she knew how to fall without hurting herself further and ended up on her back, groaning at the pain. "I hate thissssssssss…." Jessica huffed and whined, turning over on to her stomach and being careful of her arm. While she ran her good hand through her hair, she only continued to mumble and complain on about the accursed arm of hers.

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